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The Lost Prophecy
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Watching Waiting 
12th-Apr-2006 12:15 am
Arms lazily crossed over his chest, leaning casually in the shadows against the far wall, Percy smirked as he watched and waited.

I really need to find a new hobby. He sighed a bit downtrodden.

Then pushing himself off the wall, his temptation tempted, he fell into step beside the young Auror in training.

"I see that some times it does not pay to step on toes," he commented, hands now in his trouser pockets. "Did they not teach you to follow your duty and the rules and regulations of the Ministry, Miss Bell?"

"And such a leap too...stolen magic...the attacks...widespread. You should have just declared that..." he lowered his voice to a whisper, "... that Voldemort..." he spoke normally again, "...was at our door knocking to come inside."

"Just what are they teaching the Auror of today," he mocked, a glint in his eyes.
13th-Apr-2006 02:46 am (UTC)
Katie’s eyes narrowed as she turned and scowled at the red haired wizard walking beside her. “What do you want Weasley? Don’t you have some paper to push?” she snarled as she kept walking.

“Lets get one thing straight – I am following my duty. I am an Auror; it’s my job to protect people and to serve the public. You might want to try serving the public one day,” Katie sneered. “Its not my fault that a bunch of pencil pushing gits make rules that serve no one but themselves.”

She paused and had to count to ten to prevent herself from pulling her wand and hexing the wizard in front of her down the hall. “Its true – all of it. Who knows, Voldermort may just be knocking at our door some point down the line and with as blind as you bureaucrats are, you’ll never see it until it’s too late.
13th-Apr-2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
Percy smiled. "I don't want anything. And no, I've actually got all the time to spare today," he replied, unable to resist the temptation of yanking the young girl's chain.

Now shaking his head,and sighing, Percy looked to the Auror in training beside him as they walked. "Rules are there for a reason--some good, some bad, but they are there," he shrugged. "But take my advice, you'd do wise not to step on any more toes than you already have. Your in enough trouble now, and with being new, and on probation...doing another's job and making possible, wild claims could only hurt you."

Now stopping at the end of the hall, Percy turned to the young woman and smiled. "Too many fear the sky is falling, or you know who is behind every door or dark corner. Give me tangible proof that he is back,not just outrageous theory and fear, then maybe people would listen and not mock you and others," he suggested smuggly.

"Just remember, Bell...you have now called attention to yourself. It would be so easy now for you to fall off that little Auror pedestal of yours," he feigned with concern, taking his glasses off and cleaning them with the cuff of his shirt.
15th-Apr-2006 01:37 am (UTC)
“Why does that surprise me? Its good to know that the Ministry pays you to harass Auror’s who are trying to do their jobs,” she snapped.

Katie glared long and hard at Percy as she tried to contain her anger. “Those rules are made by pencil pushing gits like you who know nothing of what it’s like out in the field. They are nothing but rubbish. And for your information I was doing my job. Which, by the way is to capture dark wizards. Not making some bureaucratic ass look good.”

“The sky is falling Weasley. With the increase of death eater attacks anyone with half a brain can see it. But all Fudge wants to do is to ignore it and hope it goes away and that is going to do our world no good.”

Bring you proof? You want me to bring you proof?” she laughed. “You? An insignificant paper pushing “assistant? You Percy Weasley have no more pull around here then I do.”

Katie rolled her eyes in disgust as she watched the wizard in front of her clean his glasses. “Your concern for me is overwhelming,” she said sarcastically.
17th-Apr-2006 03:10 am (UTC)
Percy held his glasses to the light above to examine them and then slid them on. "You, dear child, seemingly have no clue as to your true nature about this place and your position of lowness. But in due time...today was only your first taste of getting put in your place and what your job truly is. Do not puff yourself up like an adder when you are but a small toad in this pond," he sighed calmly.

"And Bell...my importance in the Ministry behooves you, do not underestimate me," he warned, his look clear.

"Now, why don't you run along and try to save the day once more," the redhead urged. "As for proof...you are not bold enough to find the truth, let alone recognize it if you found it, silly girl."

Percy leaned closer and lowered his voice. "I'm having a bit of a bad week lately, do not underestimate what I can or cannot do, Bell. You'd best to remember you are new to the Ministry and one well-placed word could spell your demise...remember that and remember that you are not in my league."

With that, Percy smiled innocently, nodded to a passerby and then turned to leave. "We should do this more often, Bell," he mused, then headed down the corridor.
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