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The Lost Prophecy
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Weasley/Tonks household - suppertime 
19th-Apr-2006 09:41 pm
Stretching gently, Tonks grabbed the home made pie and walked out of the small pantry into the adjoining kitchen. Setting the pie on the sideboard, she glanced at the time before heading down the stairs to find Fred.

”Fred?” she called out as pushed through the door into the front of their store. Spotting him at the cash register ringing through a sale, she righted a display of extendable ears until the customer left.

“Merlin – its good to see everyone’s finally decided to go home. Walking over to the door, she locked it, before flipping the sign to close. “Dinner is almost ready, I can finish straightening up down here if you want to go get Andi? I put her down for a nap about an hour ago. If we don’t get her up soon, she’ll be up all night.
21st-Apr-2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Running a hand through his hair, Fred sighed tiredly and nodded his head. "Sure, I'll go grab Andi and be right down for dinner," he agreed, walking across the room, giving Tonks a quick peck on the cheek and then slowly climbing the stairs.

Once in the bedroom, Fred went over to the cradle and found his daughter still sleeping most peacefully. Yawning, the redhead smiled. "That looks awfully tempting to me as well," he grinned, picking up the infant and going over to the bed, thinking to just sit down to allow his daughter to wake up. But instead, the lure of the mattress called to his tired body and he lay back across the sheets, the baby still sleeping on his chest.

"Just going to rest my eyes...I've no time for this...I've inventory...cleaning up...working on those stink pellets..."

Moments later, Fred was snoring.
24th-Apr-2006 12:28 am (UTC)
Tonks finished straightening the last of the store’s displays and glanced at the clock. “Half hour? Merlin, I didn’t realize so much time had passed. Where did they get to?” Tonks wondered as she pulled out her wand and dimmed the oil lamps that line the walls of the store.

“If he ate dinner without me, I swear to Merlin he’s going to regret it,” she scowled as she headed up the stairs toward their living quarters.

“Fred – Fred? Where are you? Fred?” Tonks called out as she checked the kitchen, study and finally their bedroom. Pausing at the door, she shook her head as she spotted her husband sound asleep on the bed, their daughter, wide-awake in his arms.

“Hello baby,” she said smiled as she bent down and kissed the infant’s forehead.

“Fred – Fred – you need to wake up,” Tonks exclaimed as she shook his shoulder.
24th-Apr-2006 04:51 am (UTC)
Fred slowly blinked his eyes awake and just stared dumbly up at Tonks as she leaned over him.

"Huh?" He asked, looking to the baby still protectively in the crook of his arm, Andromeda seemingly awake and amused---if a newborn infant could be amused, at the situation. But for a moment there, Fred sure thought such.

"What? Where? I was only resting my eyes," he interjected with a yawn, watching as Tonks lovingly took her daughter from his arms.

Slowly sitting up, Tonks pulling away, Fred raked a hand over his face. "Dinner ready?" But he could see that Tonks would not be diverted so easily.

"Sorry, I wasn't asleep...I was just..." he just gave up and waited.
25th-Apr-2006 01:16 am (UTC)
“Nice of you to join us,” Tonks drawled as she regarded him with amusement. “No – you weren’t “just” resting your eyes Fred, you were sound asleep and snoring quite loudly I might add,” she told him as she gently hoisted the baby to her shoulder.

“Yes, dinner was ready a half an hour ago. That’s how much time has passed since you went up stairs to get the baby.”

She shook her head as she began to rub Andi’s back. “Yes – you were asleep Fred, don’t deny it.”

“I know you think you can do it all but you can’t. You work the store from open to close and then a lot later then that, trying to do inventory, make new products, doing the accounts.” Then, you try to find some time to spend with the baby, which is next to none. You need to spend more time with your family.”

“Fred – you need to hire some help for the store.
28th-Apr-2006 04:46 am (UTC)
Fred sat up, rubbed his hands over his face and sighed tiredly. "I don't remember going to sleep. You sure?"

Shrugging, he stood up and listened to what Tonks had to say, he was about to object when the last statement struck home.

You need to spend more time with your family.

Looking momentarily ashamed, Fred looked to the Auror as she held their daughter. "I just want to provide for my family. I don't ever wish to have you or Andi wanting for anything," he paused. "But it seems like I may be leaving you two to want for what's most important, huh?"

Walking over and kissing Tonks on the tip of her nose, he nodded his agreement. "Fine, I'll put out an add...we need help in both shoppes. George is run undone himself."

Smiling, feeling much better, as if a weight had lifted from his shoulders, he wrapped an arm about Tonks' waist and motioned her towards the door. "So...let's have dinner," he suggested, then glanced sideways to look at her better. "Odd, I don't think I've ever seen your hair this...this...golden," he mused. "Looks good on you though."
29th-Apr-2006 03:28 am (UTC)
“Uh – huh, you were snoring quite loudly when I walked into the room. You must be really tired if you fell asleep that quickly,” Tonks said quietly, concerned that he was wasn’t taking care of himself.

Tonks smiled tenderly as she caressed the side of the baby’s head before looking at Fred. “You are a great provider for the both of us Fred, neither of us need or want anything, except for more of you,” she said softly.

“Thank you – I’m sure a couple of people to help out will make a world of a difference and give you and George time to breath.” She grinned as Fred kissed the tip of her nose. “Dinner sounds good, but I am not sure what shape it’s going to be in. It’s been sitting for a while.”

Tonks arched a brow as she lifted a piece of her hair and stared at it. “It’s never been this colour before. I – I wonder what brought it on,” she asked as she hoisted Andi further up on her chest.
3rd-May-2006 03:47 am (UTC)
"Well, whatever the colour is, it's new and different and quite sexy," Fred grinned with mischief as he leaned over and kissed Tonks most fiercely. Only to be interrupted as Andi grasped him soundly by the hair and held on for dear life. "Ouch! I think we might have us a damned good Seeker in the making," he groaned as the newborn wouldn't let go.

Finally released, rubbing his head, he chuckled. "Indeed, a Quidditch player in the making," he smiled to his daughter.

"As for help in the shoppes, it might be a good idea," he acknowledged as they headed downstairs and to the kitchen. "It would free up time to spend with you and Andromeda, not to mention, George and I have been meaning to clean out the basement here and go through some more of the rubbish that was left behind by the previous owners."

"Smells good," he mused, not minding if anything was slightly crispy or well toasted. After all, he and his twin were not known for their culinary skills and had in fact eaten much, much worse.
5th-May-2006 12:48 am (UTC)
“If this new hair colour earns me a kiss like that, I’ll make sure to come up with a new hair colour at least once a day,” Tonks grinned.

Laughing as Fred managed to untangle his hair from Andi’s fist, she said, “Oh yes, with a grip like that I’ll be surprised if she’s anything but a seeker.”

“Andi and I will love any reason to have you around more,” she smiled as they made their way out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen. Placing Andi in her carrier, she turned and pulled out her wand. Using several spells, Tonks heated up their supper and floated it to the table. “So what is in the basement? Is it worth going through?”

“Thanks – It was suppose to be a casserole. I know its been sitting for a bit, but it should be ok.”
11th-May-2006 03:48 am (UTC)
Fred was famished and eagerly took a bite.

"George and I found the basement crammed full of ledgers, books, parchments, you name it, it's down there...odd looking too what little we did go through," he commented after taking a drink of water.

"We were supposed to have taken a few of the more questionable things to Lupin or Dumbledor way back before things happened during the siege at Hogwarts," he shrugged. "Guess it all slipped our minds after that."

He had nearly half his plate gone and was refilling it. "This is great," he added between bites.

"It's probably nothing, George and I just wanted someone else to look at a few of those items...reminded me of something a DE might have about," he chuckled. "But really, it was just us being paranoid way back when, I'm sure," he mused, brushing most of it aside. "I mean, we bought this place from a little old lady with ten cats, what would she be doing with a group of DE in her basement? And that was years and years ago when she even lived her, the place had been abandoned for ages," Fred laughed.

"So, when do you think you and Andi might feel up to visiting Mum and Dad?" He asked, changing the subject suddenly. "I think Bill is supposed to be home later this week, too."
13th-May-2006 01:30 am (UTC)
“You two found ledgers, books and parchments down in the basement? Why in Merlin’s name would some one leave that stuff down there? You’d think it would be important,” she mused as she took a bite of her meal.

“What things were you going to take to Dumbledore? Perhaps I can take a look before you drop them off,” Tonks suggested, jumping at the chance to do something that wasn’t baby related.

She shrugged as she leaned back and reached for her glass of pumpkin juice. “I learned long ago never to question one’s intuition things in the basement may be important and it may not, but I agree that it’s best to check.

“And perhaps the old woman didn’t know that there was stuff down there,” she suggested as she reached for a roll.

“I think Andi and I can go visit your family anytime this week. I am feeling much better and I know it would do Andi well to get some fresh air.”

“How is Bill doing these days? Ginny mentioned that he’s been out of the country working a lot in the last couple of months.
20th-May-2006 03:37 am (UTC)
Fred pushed his plate away from him and sighed contently. "I'm not quite sure how Bill is doing, his last Owl was very abrupt and short and when I asked if anything were wrong, he denied it. Maybe it's just work getting to him...after all, Ron did nearly destroy one of the pyramids, not to mention that plague of locusts and...Bill's had a rough time of it," he thought with sympathy having gone through the same fiasco with their little brother.

Standing up, grabbing his empty plate, Fred began to clean up the kitchen, something he rarely would do and in doing, didn't see the Auror's astonished look as he turned his back on her while rinsing off his plate.

"I'm honestly not sure what it was we were going to take to Hogwarts to get looked at...it's been a while. I don't rightly know where we even put the bloody stuff," he mused, looking to the ceiling as if the answer was dancing about his head.

"I'll ask George, he might know. And you're more than welcome to look at it...from what I remember it was just old books, a couple maps or some rot," the redhead thought.

"Now...let's drop Mum an Owl and tell her we'll be dropping by a bit later in the week then," he chuckled. "Should give her time to make those lemon cakes I love so much," Fred grinned with mischief before going to the table to refill Tonks' plate and begin to clear the table.
21st-May-2006 02:42 am (UTC)
“The Egyptian police and the Ministry of Magic in Cario are still trying to figure out who almost destroyed that pyramid and let the scarabs loose. It’s a damn good thing that Bill got Ron out of there when he did.

“Your right, he has had a rough time of it. Perhaps we can invite him over to dinner when he gets back in the country,” Tonks offered as she took a final bite of her meal.

“When you and George get a chance to round it up, I’d love to take a look at it.”

Tonks chuckled as Fred began to refill her plate. “ Lemon Cakes indeed, you know, I am beginning to think you always think with your stomach first. And Fred, I – I just don’t have your appetite,” she exclaimed, amused that he piled as much food on her plate as he, himself would eat.

“Owling your mum sounds good, but I think tonight would be a good time to do up an add for extra help for the store. We can send it off to the Prophet when we send your mum’s owl out.
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