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The Lost Prophecy
Something Wicked This Way Comes
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Chow had to be out here and there was no way she was leaving him alone in the cold. No matter what everyone thought, she was going to find him. At least, that's what she told herself as she walked through the dense forest at night. It was cold, but beautiful. Ice clung to the gnarled tree branches and glistened in the moonlight. Snow crunched under her feet as she followed an uneven path in the woods. Clutching her wrap tightly around her, she felt something odd in the folds of fabric. Shaking out the material she gasped as round pink stones fell from it and made a soft tinkling noise on the ground.

No, not stones...Beads. Pink jade beads carved into flowers...The necklace! But, what was it doing out here? In the folds of her wrap?

Foreboding laughter rang through the air, startling some bats and an owl from their nearby perches. Rosie ducked down and tried to make herself smaller in the landscape. The woods were alive, and not just with owls and bats and deer and rabbits! The Enemy was here...And Chow was here...Somewhere.

She stumbled along, trying to ignore the rustling and crashing in the underbrush behind her. Chow's life might hang in the balance and she needed to find him, whatever the cost to herself, she had to find him. She wouldn't go back without ....

Rosie's screams rang through the night air. It was so cold her breath showed smoke like in the silver night. She couldn't stop screaming as she looked upon the scene. She started to run to him, but the hulking form of a werewolf broke cover and stood menacingly between them. The thing moved to chase her and Rosie ran back through the forest, screaming and breaking branches wildly. Desperate to get to Chow, frantic to find help, panicked at the wolf at her back. Tripping over a tree root, Rosie fell hard to the frozen ground....

She startled at the sound of her own name. She looked around bewildered at Oliver as he helped her up from the floor. Li was on her other side, talking...Talking, but Rosie couldn't comprehend what was being said. What about the forest? What about what she'd seen? She looked into Oliver's brown eyes for clarity. She wasn't in the forest...But that had been much more than a dream.

"He's not coming back." She whispered softly. "He's...Chow's...Oliver, will you go bring him home? He's in the woods...Somewhere...I..."

Rosie stared down at the pink stone beads in her hand. She'd clutched them so tightly there were circles in her palm.

"Where did I get these?" She wondered aloud. When she looked up, she saw Oliver and Li looking at her strangely.

"Oli, don't leave him out there. Bring him home? Please?"
11th-Jan-2006 08:55 am(no subject)
Keeper of the Flame
Bella’s head throbbed. The incessant yelling between Rodolphus and her aunt had tired her out. The mere presence of Bella in front of her aunt caused a litany of curses. She had left Rodolphus to coax the incantation from the disturbed portrait.

Bella took refuge in the darkness under the enormous dining room table. The owl had found it’s way under the tablecloth. Bella had taken the note with some trepidation. She dreaded any further taunting from her tormentor. She had been relieved to find it was from Percy Weasley. A most delightful diversion indeed.

Bella’s headache started to subside with the thoughts of Percy and their last encounter. It was quite surprising the effect he had on her, well Cherry actually. She looked forward to meeting him again, if only to serve her other interest. Unbeknownst to Percy, he was going to help Bella/Cherry destroy Chow.
29th-Dec-2005 09:07 pm - Third time's a charm?
Tonks stretched gingerly as she waddled over to the bed she shared with Fred in her old room at Grimwald place. Placing her hand to the small of her back, she lowered herself down to the mattress and pushed herself back against the headboard.

“Who would have thought going to the loo to be exhausting,” she sighed as she struggled to get comfortable. “This baby needs to hurry up and make an appearance, or I am just going to move in there permanently,” she grumbled.

“Thank you for coming to get me. I – I don’t like to being alone these days, especially now,” Tonks trailed off as she shoved a pillow under her large belly.

“So did you find out what happened here after you left to fetch me?
12th-Dec-2005 06:39 pm - Moon Brothers, St. Mungo's Hospital
Remus stopped before the innocent looking white door that lead to what Remus feared would be his biggest mistake.

Well at least Boot should be happy with the idea of getting out of here at long last. With his parents now dead and no other living relatives, the Ministry would not allow St. Mungos to release a new werewolf into their own care. But as full of misgivings as Lupin was over this mentoring idea, not even he could in all good conscious leave the boy to his first true full moon in the hospital's tender care. The transformation was bad enough, even with the wolfsbane potion, but Remus would have been surprised had the angry Mr. Boot even come out of the locked cell Mungo's put all lyanthopic patients into during the full moon, many never did walk back out of it.

Squaring his shoulders Remus finally could put it off no longer and pushed open the door to the ward one Terry Boot was currently calling home.
Sirius stalked over to the old sideboard in the first floor parlor and poured himself a large fortifying drink. Downing the firewhiskey in one go, Sirius poured another before turning to face Fred just coming into the room.

After Marlowe had passed out, the men - knowing they would learn nothing more from the witch at the moment - had retired back downstairs, leaving the woman to rest in peace.

"Please tell me I did not just hear Marlowe say that my psychotic sadistically twisted cousin and her Death Eater lapdog of a husband blazed into our house bold as you please and visiously attack her?" Sirius begged with a hard dangerous edge to his voice.
28th-Nov-2005 09:08 pm - Home At Last
Emmeline groaned as she finished running a brush through her long, wet, red hair. She and Remus had gone directly to St Mungo’s after returning to England and had only been home for an hour.

Setting down her hairbrush, she yawned as she walked out of their bedroom and down the stairs toward the study. “I am so tired, I think I could sleep for a week,” Emmeline said tiredly as she walked into the room and over to Remus who was sitting on the sofa.

Sinking down onto the sofa beside him, she crawled onto his lap and laid her head on his chest. “Is Misty still here? Or did she still go visit Dobby at Hogwarts. I hope she did, there is no reason for her to ruin her night, when we are capable of taking care of our self.”

Emmeline lifted her head as she asked, “Are you hungry? I think I have enough energy left to make us something to eat.”
28th-Nov-2005 01:52 am - Ghosts from the Past
Regulus stood at the window and watched the sun slowly rise high in the sky. Glancing behind him, he was ever thankful for his older brother's well stocked liquor cabinet for that had helped ease the dark-haired woman's pain and put her into a sound sleep. He'd cleaned her wounds as best he could and fought down the bitter taste in his mouth at realizing what Bellatrix or Rodolphus had done to her--she could not speak for there was no tongue. With a quick flick of his wand and a silent prayer, Regulus hoped for the best in correcting this situation.

When upon mentioning he should take the young woman to St Mungos, she had blatantly refused and fought any such advanced. Thankfully, he had helped gain her speech back, and in her slurred, thick voice, she spoke of Fred Weasley.

And there he stood, looking out the window, suddenly noticing the instant apparation of a redhead there upon the walk. Definitely a Weasley, he noted with a tired grin as the young man walked to the door and knocked.

Didn't take the young git long to get here after my Owl. Good job...

Taking one last glance to the unconscious woman in her bed, the dark-haired wizard took a deep breath before leaving the bedroom. He couldn't risk being seen, not yet...not by any others. But he had made one very important decision upon entering the house on Grimmauld---he would be back.

With a flick of his wand, he unlocked and opened the front door and before Fred Weasley could enter, Regulus Black had apparated out of his family home.
21st-Nov-2005 10:31 pm - Guilty Tasks - Hogsmeade Village
Sirius dug his hands deeper into his pockets as he paced on the walk before the dwelling Su Chow shared with Rosmerta. He had not even taken the time to don new robes or clean himself up, parting with the others at Hogwarts, Sirius' personal guilt would not allow him any comfort until he fulfilled his responsibilities to Chow's family.

He had no idea how to go about this, and his own feelings of guilt weren't helping in the matter. It was one thing to have to inform families of those fallen or missing, but what can you say to a women- a friend no less- that the wizard she loved was missing and that it was the fault of the messenger.

Because it was his fault. Sirius had noticed that Chow's broom was still with the others despite George's belief that the Wu Dan wizard had simply been ahead of them in their flight to freedom. He had wanted to go back, but Remus had pulled rank when they heard even more dark creatures rustling in the forest and growing closer.

And so Sirius, though it burned his stomach to do so, had left with the others. But now he wished more then ever he had just told Moony to sod off, for now they didn't even know fate what had befallen the Chinese Master.

But Sirius wasn't going to leave it at that, not by far, he decided as he finally squared his shoulders and stepped to the door. Pausing for the briefest moments, the world weary wizard banged the door knocker, sounding to his ear's more ominous then it should.

He was already running ideas in his mind of going back. For if nothing else, Rosie and Chow's daughter deserved to know what exactly had happened to the man they both loved.

And his friend deserved better then to be left to rot so deep in the enemy's territory.
21st-Nov-2005 08:53 pm - Clash of the Titans
Fenrir Greyback burst through the thick brush of the dense Polish forest with swift-footed steps. At this point it was a toss up of just what and whom the werewolf was angrier at. The interfering Morlok and his pack of do-good followers, Bellatrix and her grand schemes, or the annoying pest of a wizard currently trailing him.

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2nd-Nov-2005 08:06 am - GAME HIATUS
Wondie Bracelet

There will be a mandatory "New Post" hiatus until further notice while the mods discuss the future plot arc of the game. Any NEW posts made AFTER this one will be deleted. Existing posts may be continued until they are completed.

When we are ready to resume play, I will make an official announcement. When this occurs, all references to season/weather and timeline will be current with the real time season of Fall/November. There is no reason to change your stories/plot arcs to fit, simply resume as though it had been fall all along and continue in chronological order from where we left off, even if your last post talked about it being warm. I'm not going to get fussy over this, just move on without explanation.

This "GAME BREAK" is for the new players to get up to speed and feel comfortable jumping in, AND for the Mods to plan out a new plot arc.

The mods need to discuss major plot arcs and form a framework BEFORE posting can continue. We will let you know when we are ready for your ideas for MAJOR, OVERALL GAME PLOTS. This will not be small side plots or interactions, but a big game arc like the mission thread was.


Thank you

Game Master
It was dark in the forbidden forest even though it must be day. But the tree here stood so close that they didn't let any sunlight come inside. Somewhere between the trees there was someone lying on the ground. The figure was crouched. When one comes closer you can see that it is human... or at least seems human. You can see long dark hair and pale skin, paler than usual. Slowly the person opens her eyes. First the woman doesn't notice where she was at all. But after her sight cleared up a bit she saw where she was.... somewhere in a forest, lying on the ground. But how did she came here? She didn't remember.... She sat up, stretching her arms and legs a bit. She wondered why she didn't feel any pain but she must have been lying here for a while.

After a few more minutes of finding back to herself Daphne sighed and got up. She tried to walk around a bit and found out that she didn't seem to be hurt in any way. In contrast she felt great - better than ever before in her life it seemed except for one thing - she was terribly hungry. But that was no normal hunger....
25th-Oct-2005 07:09 pm - Time to go home
Finally, after nearly two days of being stuck within the dank castle remains, the Order team had been able to clear a passage from the rubble holding them hostage.

Leading the way, Sirius was the first to climb through the small hole dug out of the fallen stone. Once free and on his feet, he scanned the area for any new dangers before turning to offer a hand to Emmeline as her dark red hair emerged from the opening next.

"So do you suppose our lovely hosts would have left well enough alone and hope that the cave in finshed us?"

"Yea I didn't think so either," he replied to her wry look. "Better draw and keep your eyes open then." Sirius advised as he drew his wand and held it at the ready as the others started making their way through the hole behind them.
23rd-Oct-2005 11:37 pm - Diagon Alley, afternoon
Parvati was walking around Diagon Alley. She was very excited because today she would meet her longtime friend Lavender again. Here and there she stopped by to take a look at the shop windows but she couldn't really concentrate. Diagon Alley was crowded as usual so she tried hard to spot Lavender. They wanted to meet at Fortescue's Icecream Parlour and Parvati was aready near it.

Only a few minutes later she had reached their meeting point and still no sign of Lavender. Parvati sighed and decided to take a seat at a table outside so she could watch the people passing by.
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