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The Lost Prophecy
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Latest of Events (Sunrise- morning after) 
26th-Mar-2006 02:56 pm
Awaking early and kissing Katie on the lips, and telling her he had to leave on important business, the Auror nodded and mumbled tiredly before going back to sleep, George then dressed and headed for his destination.

Totally intent on relaying the latest finding that he and Katie had stumbled upon just hours earlier, the redhead paid no attention to the time. Not even the fact that the sun had not even peaked across the horizon had entered his mind for he was too intent on letting the Order know this possible theory on the attacks. Something deep inside him told him that this possible connection with the attacks and the loss of magic could be very important and affect them all.

Arriving at Grimmauld, George went to the door and knocked...with the new Wards, he didn't want to take any chances.

Hearing no answer, George began knocking most loudly and most insistently, trying to get Sirius' attention. But as the wizard waited most impatiently, there was still no answer--so George kept pounding on the door.

"Come on you lazy rot, open the bloody door, it's cold out here and I need to speak with you!" He shouted, not caring of the time or the neighbors.
7th-Apr-2006 11:23 pm (UTC)
Stumbling along the dark hall, Sirius mumbled and muttered hatful words under his breath for the soul making such a riotous racket at his front door that swept and echoed throughout the pre-dawn house.

Pausing before the closed door which his newly resurrected brother was annoying ignoring the banging and shouts from outside, Sirius scowled, a wealth of vitriol and a lifetimes worth of irritation pouring from his eyes.

“Bloody bastard is doing it on purpose. Not even he could have been that bad a Death Eater that he couldn’t hear this racket.” The wizard grumbled aloud, sure that his younger brother was behind the door with a huge grin on his arrogant face – knowing that he was making Sirius jump to answer the early morning visitor, even though Regulus, with his room on the second floor, was much closer and no doubt had heard the banging long before it finally woke Sirius.

“Oy, you lazy sot, hear that do you?” Sirius shouted, adding to the noise of the house as he pounded a fist on the door of their mother’s old bedroom. “Aren’t you going to answer your front door?” He asked meanly – reminding Regulus of his claims of ownership he threw around when he showed up bags in hand and demanded his place in the Black family home.

Feeling his irritation grow as he gained no response what so ever; Sirius gave one last bodily shove on the thick door before continuing on his way. Bad mouthing his kin spitefully as he stomped down the stairs to the next level.

Rounding the first floor landing, Sirius glanced up as the door to Marlowe’s room started to open and the witch, her nose still painfully swollen and turning a nasty shade of blackish yellow, thanks to a well placed fist from his cousin Tonks, and the rest of her face showing the slow healing remains of Lestrange’s attack, started out with an expression almost as fierce as her employer’s.

“Oh go back to bed will you, slept this long, might as well just keep on with it.” He snapped grumpily but without the heat in his words or attitude as he had directed to his brother only moments before.

Hurrying on down to the ground floor, Sirius spared one kind thought to himself that at least they didn’t have to worry about his mother screaming anymore with every sound of disturbance. The worn looking wizard even snorted with a moment of dark humor that perhaps he should even send his cousin a thank you note for liberating her dear auntie.

Throwing open the door, Sirius huffed and rolled his eyes at the person on the other side. “I should have known.” He growled and turned away as if to go back to his bed, lightly slapping the door closed in the face of the always over-eager redhead.
11th-Apr-2006 02:43 am (UTC)
Glowering at the door, Regulus flopped back to his pillow and then smiled to himself.

Yes, I heard the bloody door. And I've been waiting damn near forever for you to get up and answer the thing.

With a grin of satisfaction on his face, and the comfort that it annoyed his older brother most fiercely to have to get up, the dark-haired wizard then took the spare pillow, rolled to his side, and put the pillow to his exposed ear. Thus, blocking out anymore outbursts from Sirius, and no interruption from whomever was daft enough to come visiting at this insane hour. And Regulus promptly went back to sleep.
11th-Apr-2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Holding his nose where the door had struck him when Sirius turned to go back inside, George followed.

"Good morning to you two, Miss Merry Sunshine," George quipped. "And I think you broke my nose," he groaned, touching it tenderly. "Is it bleeding? Does it look bad?" He asked with concern, wincing.

Right about then, George got his first good look at what the older wizard was wearing beneath his untied, plaid, flannel robe. "Sweet Merlin, man...you need to warn someone when you're going to half blind them by wearing boxers in that shade of fuchsia--not to mention the fireworks going off all..." he waved his hand in that direction...."about your...there..." he pointed.

Sirius was about to make a hasty retreat back upstairs before George raced before him and blocked the man so he could not reach the first step.

"It's important, Sirius...I need to speak to you on Order business," he confided.

"Ask me nice and I might fix you some breakfast...and don't give me that look, I can cook...some things." George tried to offer, quickly skirting about Black and heading towards the kitchen, making himself at home most quickly.
22nd-Apr-2006 01:29 am (UTC)
"This time of day, or should I say NIGHT, nothing is good but a naked woman snugled up to you." Sirius quiped over his shoulder as he slowly made his way back toward the stairs. "And good I hope so," he said in answer to George's accusation of the state of his nose.

Whipping around with an annoyed sign, Sirus glared at the slight of the redhead gingerly poking at his face. "No and same as always - so yea pretty bad." Sirius grinned meanly as he anwsered the younger's questions.

"What? What's wrong with them?" Sirius looked stunned as his choice in pants was insulted yet again. "And what are doing looking my fireworks anyway? Bloody Poof!" Sirius growled angrily.

"Just jealious cause your pitiful excuse of a firecracker doesn't get any excitment." He was grumbling as George suddenly threw himself into Sirius' path.

"Oh just go on then!" Sirius yelled to George the Pest, waving him to the kitchen stairs and away from himself.

Wearily rubbing his bloodshot eyes, Sirius leaned against the carved snake pillar as a loud explosion suddenly sounded and shook the house.

"Bloody hell! Your supose to cook breakfast not destroy the whole damn house!" Sirius shouted as he hurried to save George from whatever he had done.
24th-Apr-2006 05:34 am (UTC)
"It's fine! It's fine!! Just a slight mishap while lighting the stove," George shouted, coughing, waving his hands about to disipate the thick, black smoke that was rolling about the kitchen.

Then George stopped and looked to Sirius as the older man came storming into the kitchen. "As far as my firecracker is concerned, I'd dare say it's had more action earlier tonight alone, than your shriveled up short fuse in the last year. In fact, I just came from..." Suddenly the redhead stopped his remark. "Nevermind."

"Just sit your bloody arse down and I'll get you some tea..." he ordered, watching as Sirius shook his head and stumbled to the table.

"As I came here to tell you before your damned stove tried to kill me...Ka...I've heard rumor from a source at the Ministry that there might be something to these attacks around Hogsmeade. Something very important."

"What if these were not mere attacks? What if it was for a reason? Maybe to hide something the people were trying to gain? Some attacks might be to cover up another objective...the loss of magic...or the stealing of magic?" George tossed out. "Do you get what I'm saying?" He asked with concern, noticing that Sirius was looking at him oddly.

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